Gijzenrooi, Eindhoven

Brabants landschap, Riel

Gijzenrooi is a varied landscape with small-scale arable farming and wet grasslands. It is located near the Stratumse Heide, next to the Eindhoven district of the same name. You can enjoy cycling through it. The center of the Gijzenrooische Sedge is a swamp forest with plants such as swamp violet, yellow iris and water violet. In the spring, the area around the swamp is decorated with a lilac glow of Pentecostal flowers. Centuries-old fields surround the grasslands. Grains are grown here organically, without the use of chemical pesticides. The herbs in the fields attract butterflies, birds and mammals. The partridge and the yellowhammer, for example.

A hundred years back in time in the shades of the City of Light (Eindhoven) 
You can walk around the fields along groves and hedgerows, where birdsong reverberates. In the middle of the area, all paths end in a swamp. There are "mud pits" in it, created after digging away mud, a kind of wet peat. And all this between the expanding cities of Eindhoven and Geldrop. A wonder that such an old-fashioned part of Brabant could continue to exist here.


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